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We wish to advise that after many years serving Canadians as an investment dealer, Dominick Capital Corporation (“Dominick”) has ceased it’s operations.

Please contact Laurentian Bank Securities, Dominick’s existing carrying broker, to discuss your options concerning your account. Your account assets will remain with Laurentian Bank Securities until such time that you have decided on a course of action. While your assets remain at Laurentian Bank Securities, you will only be permitted to sell, transfer or withdraw assets in your account.  No new purchases shall be permitted in your account(s).  Please note that you will not incur any transfer fees as a result of your choice, however brokerage and transactional fees will continue to apply. You can contact a representative of Laurentian Bank Securities at the following number:

1-877-542-6682 ext: 62885 or 1-514-350-2885

Please review your accounts to determine if there are any outstanding matters that may require immediate resolution. You have the right to elect to use the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada’s Arbitration Program for resolution with Dominick over any disputes until the date of Dominick’s termination as an IIROC Dealer Member. You may also resolve a dispute against Dominick through the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) until the date of Dominick’s termination as an IIROC Dealer Member. You may find additional information on your dispute resolution options on IIROC’s website:

Your investments remain protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

We thank you for having Dominick provide its services to you.

Yours truly,


Michael McIntosh, President & CEO


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