Institutional Sales and Trading

Institutional Sales

Our Institutional Sales team provides its clients with investment opportunities generated by our Investment Banking Group, as well as opportunities provided through the market and through its extensive relationships with other providers.

Institutional Trading

Our Institutional Trading team is focused on providing efficient trade execution of equity and fixed income products. Our clients are typically asset and fund managers which are looking for efficient trade execution and idea generation.

Our Institutional Trading team also offers Designated Market Maker services to issuers on a retained basis. The focus is to drive consistent visible liquidity, tighten spreads and provide more orderly markets while simultaneously providing an important gatekeeper role. The goal is to ultimately increase liquidity and foster an increase in the issuer’s market capitalization.

Our Institutional Sales Team

Tony Pullen
(416) 369-6925

Our Institutional Trading Team

Stephen Ball
(416) 369-4193
Mary Chan
(416) 369-4187